I take great pleasure in welcoming you to our journal, the Journal of Human Capital Development (JHCD) which was launched in August, 2008.  JHCD is an international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to advance an understanding of building human capacity and responsible human for economic growth and social well-being. Published twice a year, this journal explores ways in which social and human capital contribute to sustainable development, against the backdrop of technological advancement. This journal recognizes the interdisciplinary nature of the field of human and social capital that brings together research from the fields, such as economy, education, management, sociology, ICT, and science and technology.

JHCD is committed to continuously fulfil these aims which are to provide a platform for the discussion of new perspectives related to issues circling the topics of social innovation and human technology development amongst the academics, research scholars and practitioners, to promote and encourage exploration and dissemination of knowledge in relation to the identified theme and sub-theme, and to publish papers in the areas related to the identified theme and sub-themes.

The immediacy of JHCD as an e-based publication makes it possible for us all to stay connected to each other for the purpose of developing and sharing information in this process of ongoing knowledge construction. This is parallel with the university’s vision which is “to be one of the world’s leading innovative and creative technical universities”. Thus, JHCD strives to attract and engage an international readership and authorship primarily from the academic and industrial sectors.

We welcome contribution of top priority research papers which are either written individually or jointly and which are relevant to the aim and scope of the journal: Human and Technology Development and Social Innovation (Humanizing Technology, Digital Humanities, Technological Humanities, Responsible Humanities, Industrial Community and Human Capital Development).

Once again I welcome you to JHCD. And thank you for the support from everyone including the authors, reviewers, editors, as well as technical advisors as their dedication and contribution ensures that JHCD stands a chance to strengthen the area of research.